Six Mistakes to avoid as a traveler

Most travelers have made a mistake or two which nearly ruined their journey and when it comes to travel, you really wouldn’t want experience to be your teacher.

Not checking out how safe your destination is could be the difference between a perfect holiday and a nightmare.

This article discusses six common mistakes travelers make so that you can avoid them to have a pleasant travel and holiday experience.


Not doing proper safety research

It is better to spend more money lodging in places that are safe and secure than to get cheap rentals in a shady neighborhood with high chances of getting jumped or robbed.

You can only enjoy your travel when you are relaxed and safe so make sure you do a thorough research about the place, background checks and ask others who have been to that location about safety details.

Packing unnecessary items

It could be really tempting to pack your favorite items and convince yourself that they would come in handy even though you haven’t touched them in months. Overpacking slows you down and makes you incur more fees.

If you haven’t used an item in a month, you may need to leave it behind and plan to get things you need along the way.

Arriving at night

Delays and cancellations may cause you to arrive later than you expected and you should factor them when planning your travel. Schedule your flights and make bookings earlier so you can reach your destination during the day.

Getting to a location you’re not familiar with during the day can make settling in easier for you as you can explore, get familiar with your surrounding and assistance if you need it.  

Not backing up documents

You should have pictures of your travel documents including your passport saved in a file on your phone. Also, have physical copies of them on you and a duplicate tucked away safely elsewhere.

You can also have a picture of your hotel’s complimentary card or the copy with you if you may have trouble directing your cab back to your location.

Carrying all your money on you

Thieves can take advantage of tourists and it would be horrible if they carted away all your money leaving you stranded.

Partition your money and have the amount you need daily which you could put in a fake wallet that you can afford to lose. In countries that accept cards and money transfers, you can also use that option.

Failing to have a Travel insurance plan

Planning can only go so far and it is better to be prepared for the unknown. Extreme weather, food allergies and infections may make you ill and if you haven’t factored it into your budget, you’d have to make unplanned payments which could cut your visit short.

Travel Insurance covers the cost of unforeseen events that could happen during your travel leaving you enough money to enjoy the rest of your stay.

These mistakes happen to both new and regular travelers especially when travel anxiety sets in. If you make them or think you would, have a to-do list which you can check off days before you travel.

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