Hotel Tips For A Comfortable Stay

No two hotels are the same though they are right next to each other. You could lodge in one and get treated like a king and then walk into another that falls short of your expectations.

Planning for your travel also includes finding the right place to lodge. If it is not your second visit, you won’t know what to expect.

Your expectations must be realistic though finding the hotel that suits you may be daunting.

Applying these tips to your next stay could be what transforms an unpleasant stay into a more comfortable one.

  • Try checking in earlier

Sometimes you could arrive earlier than estimated and instead of loitering around to while away time, you could contact your hotel to see if they’d allow you to check in earlier than the allotted time. If there are available rooms, you’d most likely get a yes.

Combine this with an extended check-out time and you’ve got more hotel time to take an extra nap.

  • Have the hotel’s business card

It would be useful if you don’t speak the language of the people around you. You can get one of the business cards at the front desk and have a picture with you on your phone. That way, if you ever get lost, drunk or find it difficult to tell the driver where you’re going, you could show it to them so they’ll know where to take you.

  • Ensure everything works before settling

The last thing you want is to settle in only to discover that the toilet doesn’t flush. Having to move to another room can be inconvenient and annoying.

So once you get to your room, check to ensure everything works. Check the lights, water pressure, and A.C, flush the toilet before you start to settle in.

When checking out, you should also ensure all your things are intact. You don’t want to be on your way to the airport only to find out that you forgot your passport in your hotel room.

  • Be ready to Improvise

There may be slight inconveniences or items you forgot to pack and you may need to improvise. 

For more table room, the Ironing board comes in handy. You can lay a towel over the board and make it your makeshift table for work or eating. Just don’t spill anything on it.

If the light keeps peeking between the blinds and waking you up earlier than you’d like to, use the hanger with clips to shut the drapes tightly and enjoy your nap.

  • Connect your streaming device to the T.V

The Television in your hotel room likely has a port to which you can connect your streaming devices using an HDMI cord. With this, you can instantly stream your favorite shows onto your Television at no extra cost.

  • Order your food and drinks

Room service can be more expensive than you budgeted. You can order food from delivery apps to the hotel. If you’re feeling really hungry and want to devour the food on sight, a generous tip for the driver could get the food right to your room.

Depending on your location, you could do the same for drinks. Just make sure you’re compliant with the alcohol regulation in that area. 

 With these tips in mind, you’ll prepare for your stay at the hotel with less anxiety and give yourself a five-star treatment without breaking the bank.

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