Discovering the Legacy of George Washington Carver Park in Springfield, MO

People on the Park

Many parks exist in South Springfield, but what makes George Washington Carver Park unique from those that exist? Let’s delve into the details of this park!

A Park Honoring a Scientific Legend

The life and accomplishments of George Washington Carver are commemorated in a historical location called George Washington Carver Park in South Springfield, Missouri. This park is a tribute to one of America’s most outstanding scientists, educators, and humanitarians born into slavery who became prominent in botany and agriculture. Visitors may now study Carver’s legacy and discover his contributions to science, education, and civil rights by visiting the park. 

George Washington Carver’s Contribution to Science and Agriculture

During the time of segregation, George Washington Carver Park was constructed in 1943 as an exclusive park for African Americans. Springfield had several parks then, but none were available to African Americans. The park was initially named the “Negro Park” and consisted of just 8 acres. In 1975, the park was renamed in honor of George Washington Carver, born into slavery in Diamond, Missouri, just 60 miles from Springfield. 

George Washington Carver was a magnificent and groundbreaking scientist whose contributions were significant to agriculture. He is best known for studying peanuts and sweet potatoes, which he used to create groundbreaking goods, including soap, paper, and peanut butter. Carver’s contributions changed the agriculture sector and enhanced the quality of life for farmers in the US and abroad. 

Carver’s Legacy in Education and Civil Rights

In addition to his scientific contributions, Carver was also a prominent educator and advocated for civil rights. After graduating from Iowa State University, where he earned the nickname the first African American to finish studying at that university, he later then served as a professor at Tuskegee University. To eliminate racial barriers and enhance the lives of African Americans, according to Carver, education is crucial. 

Exploring George Washington Carver Park 

Today, George Washington Carver Park is now a stunning and tranquil location providing insight into Carver’s life and legacy. Visitors can explore and experience the different features of the park. These include a walking trail, a playground, and picnic areas. The park also highlights a bronze statue of George Washington Carver that was installed in 1991. 

Learning About Carver’s Life and Work Through Educational Programs

In addition to the park’s physical features, visitors can learn about Carver’s life and work through various educational programs and events. The park hosts an annual Carver Day celebration, which includes live music, food, and educational exhibits. The park also offers guided tours and educational programs for schools and community groups. Honoring the life and legacy of one of America’s most brilliant scientists and educators while taking in the outdoors and enjoying nature is made possible by visiting George Washington Carver Park. With the ongoing racism and civil rights fight in America, the park is the perfect reminder for us all. 


In conclusion, Springfield, Missouri’s George Washington Carver Park is a noteworthy site that celebrates the life and contributions of George Washington Carver, a trailblazing scientist, educator, agricultural inventor, and advocate of civil rights. When you want to unwind while reflecting on the ongoing struggle for equality and justice in America, just visit George Washington Carver Park. Visit our site for more tourist attractions in Springfield Mo.

Six Mistakes to avoid as a traveler

Most travelers have made a mistake or two which nearly ruined their journey and when it comes to travel, you really wouldn’t want experience to be your teacher.

Not checking out how safe your destination is could be the difference between a perfect holiday and a nightmare.

This article discusses six common mistakes travelers make so that you can avoid them to have a pleasant travel and holiday experience.


Not doing proper safety research

It is better to spend more money lodging in places that are safe and secure than to get cheap rentals in a shady neighborhood with high chances of getting jumped or robbed.

You can only enjoy your travel when you are relaxed and safe so make sure you do a thorough research about the place, background checks and ask others who have been to that location about safety details.

Packing unnecessary items

It could be really tempting to pack your favorite items and convince yourself that they would come in handy even though you haven’t touched them in months. Overpacking slows you down and makes you incur more fees.

If you haven’t used an item in a month, you may need to leave it behind and plan to get things you need along the way.

Arriving at night

Delays and cancellations may cause you to arrive later than you expected and you should factor them when planning your travel. Schedule your flights and make bookings earlier so you can reach your destination during the day.

Getting to a location you’re not familiar with during the day can make settling in easier for you as you can explore, get familiar with your surrounding and assistance if you need it.  

Not backing up documents

You should have pictures of your travel documents including your passport saved in a file on your phone. Also, have physical copies of them on you and a duplicate tucked away safely elsewhere.

You can also have a picture of your hotel’s complimentary card or the copy with you if you may have trouble directing your cab back to your location.

Carrying all your money on you

Thieves can take advantage of tourists and it would be horrible if they carted away all your money leaving you stranded.

Partition your money and have the amount you need daily which you could put in a fake wallet that you can afford to lose. In countries that accept cards and money transfers, you can also use that option.

Failing to have a Travel insurance plan

Planning can only go so far and it is better to be prepared for the unknown. Extreme weather, food allergies and infections may make you ill and if you haven’t factored it into your budget, you’d have to make unplanned payments which could cut your visit short.

Travel Insurance covers the cost of unforeseen events that could happen during your travel leaving you enough money to enjoy the rest of your stay.

These mistakes happen to both new and regular travelers especially when travel anxiety sets in. If you make them or think you would, have a to-do list which you can check off days before you travel.

 Hotel Tips For A Comfortable Stay

No two hotels are the same though they are right next to each other. You could lodge in one and get treated like a king and then walk into another that falls short of your expectations.

Planning for your travel also includes finding the right place to lodge. If it is not your second visit, you won’t know what to expect.

Your expectations must be realistic though finding the hotel that suits you may be daunting.

Applying these tips to your next stay could be what transforms an unpleasant stay into a more comfortable one.

  • Try checking in earlier

Sometimes you could arrive earlier than estimated and instead of loitering around to while away time, you could contact your hotel to see if they’d allow you to check in earlier than the allotted time. If there are available rooms, you’d most likely get a yes.

Combine this with an extended check-out time and you’ve got more hotel time to take an extra nap.

  • Have the hotel’s business card

It would be useful if you don’t speak the language of the people around you. You can get one of the business cards at the front desk and have a picture with you on your phone. That way, if you ever get lost, drunk or find it difficult to tell the driver where you’re going, you could show it to them so they’ll know where to take you.

  • Ensure everything works before settling

The last thing you want is to settle in only to discover that the toilet doesn’t flush. Having to move to another room can be inconvenient and annoying.

So once you get to your room, check to ensure everything works. Check the lights, water pressure, and A.C, flush the toilet before you start to settle in.

When checking out, you should also ensure all your things are intact. You don’t want to be on your way to the airport only to find out that you forgot your passport in your hotel room.

  • Be ready to Improvise

There may be slight inconveniences or items you forgot to pack and you may need to improvise. 

For more table room, the Ironing board comes in handy. You can lay a towel over the board and make it your makeshift table for work or eating. Just don’t spill anything on it.

If the light keeps peeking between the blinds and waking you up earlier than you’d like to, use the hanger with clips to shut the drapes tightly and enjoy your nap.

  • Connect your streaming device to the T.V

The Television in your hotel room likely has a port to which you can connect your streaming devices using an HDMI cord. With this, you can instantly stream your favorite shows onto your Television at no extra cost.

  • Order your food and drinks

Room service can be more expensive than you budgeted. You can order food from delivery apps to the hotel. If you’re feeling really hungry and want to devour the food on sight, a generous tip for the driver could get the food right to your room.

Depending on your location, you could do the same for drinks. Just make sure you’re compliant with the alcohol regulation in that area. 

 With these tips in mind, you’ll prepare for your stay at the hotel with less anxiety and give yourself a five-star treatment without breaking the bank.

Tips To Make Your Flight Comfortable

Taking a flight remains one of the fastest ways to travel to a different city or country for a business trip, school, vacation etc.  

 Its affordability and convenience are among the reasons flying remains popular among travelers. 

Though frequently used, the limited leg room, screaming babies, loud noise and gassy seatmates in the economy class are reasons you may begin to dread taking that long-haul flight to your next location.

Not to worry, these tips will help you relax and enjoy the flight without breaking the bank.

1. Wear comfortable clothing

If you’re flying for long hours, the last thing you want is to have clothes that are tight and uncomfortable. Outfits like yoga pants and sweaters allow you to move freely with less restriction.

Heels may not be a good idea if you have a lot of luggage to pull and sit for long hours. Add a pair of compression stockings to help reduce leg swelling, a blanket to snuggle up when it gets cold and you’re ready to go.

Wearing comfortable clothing is not an excuse to look sloppy and inappropriate. There is a range of clothes that are comfortable and classy. You should try to look your best at all times; you never know who you might run into.

2. Make your seat booking in advance

Booking your seat in advance reduces the uncertainty of not knowing where you may be tossed to when boarding. 

This affords you picking the window seat which means that no one gets to wake you up every time they have to use the restroom. The food cart will also not brush up against your elbow or shoulder when the flight attendant rolls by.

The view through the window can be calming if you’re not afraid of heights.

3. Noise cancellation headphones and sleeping masks

 Your regular ear plugs fall off easily and do not stop you from hearing the propellers buzzing or your partner’s loud snoring but headphones will. They do a good job of filtering out the noise and allowing you to pay attention to your work or enjoy some quiet in your space. 

Sleeping masks also prevent light from abruptly waking you up if the window seat shade is lifted or during food time.

Just remember to occasionally take off the headphones to listen to important announcements and get a feel of what’s happening. 

4. Bring snacks and a water bottle

The food can be delicious sometimes and other times, not so much. Packing some snacks and your favorite foods would keep you full when the food is not appealing to you. It is also great if you don’t eat some food or you’re on a diet.

Aside from the food, you’re given water in little cups that may not be enough to keep you hydrated. A water bottle would ensure that you have water available anytime you want. You can fill it up at the terminal after going through security.

Don’t take soda or coffee so you don’t inconvenience your friends in the middle seat and aisle with your bathroom breaks. 

5. Arrange your music or movie playlist before flying

Listening to music, an audiobook, or watching your favorite movie can help you relax and while away time. Downloading them while flying will cost about $60 to use the wifi. If you don’t have some extra cash to spare, you won’t be able to download anything while in the air.

So download your music or movies from home and enjoy your flight.

With these five tips, you’ll be relaxed and comfortable on your next flight and enjoy your travel experience.

Don’t forget to appreciate the flight attendants. A little ‘Thank you ‘ note or gift card would do.

Want more tips? Check out this video!

Cyprus: The Happiest Place on Earth

Cyprus is a beautiful country that has been around for thousands of years. It’s located in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea and it’s known as one of the happiest places on earth. Beautiful beaches are just waiting to be explored, delicious cuisine awaits you at every turn, and there are so many different cultures to explore!

Larnaca – 

Visit the beautiful city of Larnaca or go diving and see amazing underwater creatures. There’s also a lot to do with water sports such as parasailing and snorkeling among other things like windsurfing, kite surfing and much more! Take your family on an adventure they’ll never forget; 

Nissi Beach, Ayia Napa –   

For those who like to hit the beach; Nissi Beach, also known as ” Ayia Napa Bay”, is one of Cyprus’ most beautiful beaches. It’s located just outside the city center and it has everything you could ask for: Beautiful Blue Sea, Palm Trees swaying with the breeze…the list goes on! 

Blue Lagoon Akamas – 

For those who love nature, go exploring and relaxing; The Blue Lagoon is a place you cannot miss when visiting the beautiful country of Cyprus! Beautiful rock formations make up this amazing lagoon where it’s blue waters will take your breath away. 

Ayia Napa – 

Visit Ayia Napa and explore some of its many historical sites such as Saint Neophytos Monastery or just walk around and enjoy all that this city has to offer: Delicious cuisine at any time of day, shops filled with wonderful items from all over the world…these are just a few reasons why people flock here every year! 

Paphos – 

Visit the beautiful city of Paphos and explore its many historical sites such as Saint Paul’s Pillar or just walk around town, visit one of the lovely restaurants for dinner…there are so many different things to do! Beautiful flowers decorate this quaint little place that is perfect for a date night. 

Caledonia Falls – 

For those who love water, there’s the Caledonia Falls where you can go swimming with your family or just relax under a waterfall! Beautiful nature surrounds this location making it perfect for an afternoon hike. 

Latchi Waterfall – 

Yes, that is exactly how many beauties await you on this small but gorgeous island called “Cyprus”. There are so many wonderful things to do and see here; if you’re looking for great food, beautiful people…and of course some fun-filled adventure then look no further than the lovely country of Cyprus! 

Cape Greco – 

For those who love water, there’s the Caledonia Falls where you can go swimming with your family or just relax under a waterfall! Beautiful nature surrounds this location making it perfect for an afternoon hike. 

Konnos Beach – 

Visit the Konnos Beach and enjoy its crystal clear waters, golden sand…and of course all that delicious food! Beautiful views await you here; make sure to come with your family for some sunbathing or an afternoon picnic. 

Latchi – 

Explore this small city by visiting places like Latchis Hotel where there are beautifully decorated rooms to be seen (we recommend booking one especially if you’re bringing a special someone along!), explore the many shops located on Agiou Andreou Street which is known as “The Golden Mile” among locals. There’s so much history surrounding every corner of this beautiful country called “Cyprus”! You’ll never get bored exploring it no matter how long you stay!